Parking Ticket Processing

"Parking Tickets They're not worth anything unless you collect on them."

The facts are that few drivers pay their tickets during the initial period. An average of 85% pay promptly after receiving notice that they cannot renew their license or registration unless payment is made. Datamatix has been easing the burden of collections on municipalities for over 28 years.

Payroll Processing

“Hello, Datamatix. Here are my Payroll Hours and Changes It’s as easy as that.”

We have a low cost Payroll Service that can fill all your payroll needs. The system is confidential and, most importantly,very flexible. we can convert your payroll at any time during The year. We’re certain you’ll find this a cost saving decision for your business.

Cash Management Processing

What are Cash Management Services at Datamatix, Inc.?

Cash Management services provide an automated solution to organizations that need to improve their payment collection processes in order to better manage their limited resources. If you are considering an alternative to manual receiving, processing and depositing funds as well as a safe and auditable method of cash handling, Datamatix, Inc. Lockbox Services is your answer.